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Meadow though pines
A selection of views of
Oaklea throughout the
caravanning year...

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Entrance from Kirkby Lane

Entrance & driveway

Driveway in Autumn sun

Cottage garden & driveway

Cottage garden & meadow

Magnolia & Pear near entrance

Hupeh Crab Apple

Meadow towards entrance

Great White Cherry

Pamela in woodland garden

Driveway to CL site pitch area

Rhododendrons in woodland

Corner of meadow near lane

Mowing – mind your toes!

Rugosa Roses in meadow

Woodland garden paths

Woodland rhododendrons

Woodland garden near Ostler’s

Meadow from woodland garden

CL site pitch area

CL site pitch corner


CL site in Summer

Close-up of bollard

CL site in Autumn


CL site pitch area to woodland

Persian Ironwood in pitch area

Meadow corner near lane

Blue Cedar & Variegated Sycamore

Chinese Ash near entrance 

Deodar in meadow corner

Sweetgum & Red Maple

Red Maple in wild area

Sargent’s Rowan & Maples

Azaleas in woodland garden

Red Maple & River Birch

Young Beech in woodland

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