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Piotr and Pamela Kalinowski

Kirkby Lane
LN10 6YY

Tel: 01526 352 352



Ordnance Survey map Landranger sheet no: 122

Grid letters and six figure map reference: TF 214 632

GPS co-ordinates:

Latitude: 53.150863

Longitude: -0.184543

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Alternative route 1

  • Enter Kirkby Lane, sign-posted Kirkby-on-Bain, from The Broadway, Woodhall Spa (B 1191).

  • Carry on past the houses until in open countryside and woodland.

  • Care! Blind bends!

  • After last bend houses re-appear on left-hand (north) side.

  • Carry on for about 300 metres and look for 150 metres of 4-rail traditional paddock fencing also on north side. Thatís us!

    Alternative route 2

  • Enter Kirkby Lane, sign-posted Woodhall Spa, from Kirkby on Bain (nearly opposite Ebrington Arms Pub).

  • Drive towards Woodhall Spa (westwards) for about a mile to the junction with Wellsyke Lane.

  • Do not turn right, even though signs there for caravan site (it is a major Camping and Caravanning Club site) but carry on straight towards Woodhall Spa.

  • A block of deciduous woodland will appear on right-hand (north) side.

  • When it finishes look for 150 metres of 4-rail traditional paddock fencing on north side. Thatís us!